Tim Muller ’60

Although he is a self proclaimed “hellraiser,” Tim has done more than his share to contribute to the continual success of Delta Xi. A large part of this dedicated service comes from Tim’s proud membership in the Phi Gamma Delta Sires and Sons club. Tim is the fortunate Sire to two Delta Xi FIJIs, Brian ’85 and Charlie ’88. Not surprisingly, Tim’s involvement with the House Corporation began in the early ’80’s when Brian first joined the fraternity. After several years on the board, Tim became House Corporation president in 1989 and served in that position until 1995. Perhaps his proudest moment as president came from organizing the chapter’s 100th anniversary dinner held at the Claremont Country Club. Tim also managed to book Bruce Snyder as the guest speaker. The event was such a success that the Claremont kindly requested that we wait until our 125th to ask to come back again. Tim also spearheaded several capital projects at the chapter house while leading the board, most notably upgrading all the wiring in the building. This has proven to be all the more crucial with today’s students’ need to be “plugged in” at all times. Another achievement of note, though in a sadder time for Delta Xi, Tim was the primary architect for securing the master lease with Sigma Phi Epsilon before their tenancy at 2395 Piedmont. This lease was instrumental in allowing the House Corp. to maintain ownership of the chapter house during Delta Xi’s brief absence from campus.

Professionally, Tim has also enjoyed a great deal of success. For just over forty years Tim has been working with Harrigan, Weidenmuller Co., an industrial and commercial real estate company based in San Francisco and currently serves as president. Founded in 1900, Harrigan, Weidenmuller is the oldest real estate company operating in San Francisco and has ties to a significant amount of property throughout the Bay Area.

A Cal fan tried and true, Tim is a proud Bear Backer and has many ties to Berkeley. He currently lives in Kentfield with his wife Nancy who is also a Cal alumna. They have four children, three of whom went to Cal. Tim is also the lucky grandfather of eight grandkids.