2015 Scholarship Winners Announced

The Delta Xi scholarship award winners for 2015 were announced at the Frank Norris Pig Dinner. Thanks to the generous donations from our alumni we have been able to continue to increase our scholarship funds available – a major goal of the Graduate Board. Below are all of the winners.

Delta Xi has two scholarships awarded specifically to Cal Fijis.

The Bell-Norris Scholarship was established by Art Bell ’11 and is meant to honor those members who exemplify excellence in their scholastic endeavors, fraternal service, and community involvement.

The Tom Meyersieck Award was established by many of Tom’s classmates from the late 70’s to honor the chapter member who most selflessly gives of himself to help his brothers while not serving in a notable leadership postion.

Congratulations to all this year’s winners:

Bell-Norris Scholarship

Connor McLeod ’16
Myles Scolnick ’16

Tom Meyersieck Award

Myles Scolnick ’16

You can also see all past winners here.