Honored Graduates

Phi Gamma Delta is a fraternity built on great pride and a tradition of excellence, and our many distinguished brothers have served to enhance this throughout the years. The Delta Xi chapter has seen many of it’s own rise to positions of great respect since our founding at the University of California, Berkeley.

Below are a few of the different listings with which we have honored graduates:

The Delta Xi Hall of Fame

The Delta Xi Hall of Fame was conceived as a way of honoring Phi Gamma Delta and Delta Xi members for their outstanding achievements.  This distinction honors brothers for their career achievements, service to the community, and dedication to the fraternity.

2011 View Program
Bill Bittner ’49

2009 View Program
Dan Guggenheim ’60

2008 View Program
Frank Gould ’51

2007 View Program
Fred Corfee ’52
Tim Muller ’60

2006 View Program
William P. Gilmore ’42
Edmund G. Bartlett ’52

2005 View Program
Bill Corlett ’41
William B. Ashton ’54
Jim Fetherston ’68

If you would like to make a nomination for the next Delta Xi Hall of Fame induction please fill out our Nomination Form and email it to CalFiji@Calfiji.org.

Cal Athletics Hall of Fame

The intent and purpose of the University of California Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize the athletes, teams, coaches and staff who have contributed in an outstanding and significant way to the California athletic tradition and heritage.

  • Theodore C. Albrecht ’77 – Football – Inducted 2000
  • Jack W. Hart ’59 – Football – Inducted 2010
  • Gary M. Hein ’87 – Football, Rugby – Inducted 1997
  • Don W. James ’85 – Rugby – Inducted 2010
  • Leslie A. Richter ’52 – Football – Inducted 1987

UC Berkeley Philia Society

The Philia Society was established to honor those Cal Greeks who deserve the highest recognition for a lifetime of living the pillars of Cal fraternity and sorority life: leadership, scholarship, friendship, and service.

  • Nicholas A. Veliotes ’52 – Inducted 2010